Clinton’s Giuliani Strategy, An Insult to Rudy

Ever since Hillary Clinton decided to basically secede the entire month February to Barack Obama, the pundits on TV and across the blogosphere have been referring to it as her "Giuliani Strategy." Frankly, this is insulting to Rudy Giuliani. Giuliani's Florida Strategy, while ineffective, was at least based on sound logic.

First, Giuliani was facing four viable candidates. And as he hoped, the early wins were spread equally among his competitors. Although he was not contesting for the early states, neither was he letting one candidate sweep them with huge margins. Allowing one single competitor to win 10 basically unchallenged victories was never part ofGuiliani's plan.

Second, the idea was to win the last contest before Super Tuesday to build momentum going into the day when half the delegates were at stake. By March 4th over two thirds of all the pledged delegates will already have been assigned. How did you use wins in Ohio and Texas to build momentum? The only other contests taking place later in March are the Wyoming caucus (March 8th) and the Mississippi primary (March 11th). It is then over a month until the next primary in Pennsylvania, on April 22nd. In this election cycle a month is an eternity.

Finally, Giuliani's Florida Strategy was actually a strategy. It had been planned out months ahead of time with a clear path to victory. The Clinton campaign has no strategy at this point. It never expected the race to go on past Super Tuesday and was caught completely flat-footed. A last-ditch effort on March 4th is not a strategy; it is a bloody hasty retreat.

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