Barack Hussein Obama

Bill Cunningham, the Tennessee Republican Party, and numerous right wing outlets have taken to calling Barack Obama by his full name: Barack Hussein Obama. Sadly, I don't think it is to avoid confusing Senator Obama with all the other famous Barack Obamas.

Right wing pundits like to say "Hussein" because it is a Muslim name. They hope to convince people Barack Obama, a devout Christian, is in fact a secret Muslim. You see, Obama has been regularly attending church and reading the Bible for the past 20 years to create the illusion that he is a Christian. But thank God for Bill Cunningham and others. They saw through Obama's devious and elaborate decade-long ruse. Barack Obama's Arabic middle name proves that those countless hours spent in conversation with his pastor were all a charade.

I don't know what is saddest about this attempt to smear Barack Obama: The idea that Americans won't vote for him once the find out that his middle name is Arabic, or that the American people are too stupid to realize that both Barack and Obama are also Arabic names.

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Anonymous said...

Even sadder for the democrats is Hillary's reluctance to unequivocally deny that Obama is a muslim


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