Governor Spitzer Should Resign

The early reports make it clear that Governor Spitzer is guilty of soliciting a prostitute and possibly other related crimes. If the reports are true, he should resign.

I personally think that prostitution should be legalized. The world's oldest profession has not nor will not go away simply because it is illegal. By forcing it underground, the law makes the occupation incredibly dangerous. Prostitutes, both male and female, are deprived basic protection by the law. They are put at a higher risk for being assaulted, infected, robbed, raped, extorted, or even enslaved. The nation should stop foolishly believing that by making something illegal you can stop individuals from doing it. Personally, I think we should follow the lead of Nevada by legalizing, taxing, and regulating the practice. But regardless of my personal feelings, prostitution is still a crime according to New York State law.

As a person charged with creating the law, Eliot Spitzer has no excuse to break it. If he believes it is OK for himself to employ the services of a prostitute, he should push to make it legal for all of his constituents. Since he has not, he is a hypocrite. He ran for governor as a hard-nose attorney general. He has broken his campaign promise and his inauguration oath: to uphold the law. Eliot Spitzer should resign from office and turn himself in.

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