Barack Obama, King of Democrats

To paraphrase Shelley's Ozymandias:
My name is Barack Obama, king of Democrats.
Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair.

What should not be overlooked is how truly amazing Barack Obama's victory is. Leaving aside issues of race and gender, what Obama did as a campaigner is truly amazing. He has proven himself a force to be feared.

Although Hillary Clinton did make several mistakes during the primary, she did not lose-- she was beaten. In almost every state, there was record turnout. Hillary Clinton raised more money and received substantially more votes than any other primary candidate before her. Hillary Clinton is like an Olympic hurdler who set a new world record but loses the gold when Barack Obama beats her record only minutes later during the next heat.

Countless Republican pundits, candidates, lawyers, special investigators, and congressmen have spent decades trying to best the Clintons. Yet over the years, they won election after election. After spending millions investigating the Clinton's questionable business dealings, the Republican party was only ever able to prove that Clinton lied under oath. A highly charged impeachment failed to remove Bill Clinton from office or even dramatically affect their popularity. What the whole Republican establishment failed to do has just been accomplished by a one-term African-American Senator.

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