Obama's Unsurprising Support for Faith Based Initiatives

For almost a year now, many of Obama's progressive supporters have been trying to convince people that Obama is a Christian and not a Muslim . Yet now that Obama has announced his support of faith based initiatives, many of those same progressive supporters seem shocked that Obama really is a devout Christian.

Barack Obama's faith is not political window dressing but, in fact, deeply held convictions. He is not an Easter/Christmas-only parishioner. If you've read his autobiography, Dreams of My Father, you would know that most of his "community organizing" involved church outreach. He clearly believes that churches are the largest and best organized institutions in low-income neighborhoods. Given his history of working with churches to support progressive change, no one on the left should be shocked by his support for expanding faith based initiatives.

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StephanieC said...

I'm not sure if I necessarily agree with you. It's one thing to be a devout Christian. It's another to promote programs that use federal tax dollars to support religious causes. Religious organizations are, for the most part, clearly positive forces in society, but they often don't have the same priorities as the federal government. Shouldn't liberals ideally want a candidate who takes religion seriously in their personal life but takes the separation of church and state just as seriously?


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