“No Faggots Allowed” Policy

The Army's “Don't Ask, Don't Tell” policy is one in a long line of Orwellian PR slogans. Like “separate but equal,” it is nothing more than rhetorical shine to cover government-sponsored discrimination. It is time to stop referring to the Army's anti-homosexual discrimination rules by its sanatized name “Don't Ask, Don't Tell”.

It is important that all Americans, politicians, and members of the media alike to call a spade a spade. The policy should bare a name reflecting its malicious intent. A more appropriate name is the “No Faggots Allowed” policy. It accurately describes the official policy of the Army and the level of respect it shows many who have or would be willing serve our country.

Thousands of homosexuals have proudly served and died for their country even though our country's official policy is that we don't want or respect their sacrifice. The current “No Faggots Allowed” policy has resulted in the Army expelling thousands of loyal soldiers and has cost millions in wasted training.

There is no logical reason to maintain the current “No Faggots Allowed” policy. The sole excuse offered is that heterosexuals would feel uncomfortable serving with homosexuals. By this logic, the Army should also have a “No Minorities Allowed” policy because some white racist might feel uncomfortable serving with minorities.

The Army is currently desperate for new recruits. Incentives have been increased and standards lowered. The Army is now giving waivers to high school dropouts and ex-criminals. At the same time, officers who have served with distinction and with valuable training are being dismissed because of private sexual habits. The government's behavior is clear. It feels that these homosexuals are less than worthless. This is the essence of our “No Faggots Allowed” policy.

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