Phelps, Clinton, Bush, Obama

What do these four men have in common? They are all very successful, and they all used illegal drugs while in their twenties. We now have our third straight president with past drug use. If they had been arrested, their criminal records could have prevented them from civil service work. However, drug use did not prevent them from becoming the head of that same government that would have incarcerated them.

Even though we have been led for 17 years by former drug users, there has been unfortunately little change to our insane drug laws. Hopefully, this country will use our current economic crisis to reevaluate our war on drugs. While many Democrats are still focused on the cost of the war in Iraq, they seem to ignore the far more expensive war at home. The cost of DEA agents, SWAT teams, millions of prisoners, lost wages, and international eradication programs easily dwarfs the cost of the trillion dollar economic stimulus package.

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