Washington Post Lies in Report

Today the Washington post published an article about Senator Max Baucus and his efforts to reform the health care system. They wrote:

His approach has been to pull together stakeholders and hold them as long as possible; no idea is ruled out, no policy change dismissed. In recent weeks, he has convened eight-hour sessions with Democrats and Republicans on the panel as part of his determination to craft a bipartisan solution. His mantra is always the same: "Suspend judgment, if only for a nanosecond."

This is not just bad journalism, this is an out right lie. It has been widely reported that Senator Baucus has activity excluded single payer (Medicare for all) advocates and refused to even consider the policy. (1, 2, 3) Dozens of countries and millions of people use single payer health care systems. Even if one feels that single payer is not politically possible it is still a legitimate policy proposal and ideal which Baucus has dismissed.

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