Baucus, You Think You Can Reach A Deal With This Guy?

Senator Baucus is working to reach a bipartisan compromise on health care reform legislation. He is currently negotiating with his “coalition of the willing” which includes four Republican Senators and two other Democratic Senators.

One of the “willing” Republicans that Baucus thinks he can reach a deal on health care reform with is Senator Mike Enzi. is reporting that on Thursday Enzi tried repeatedly to amend the Senate HELP committee bill to deny anyone making over 250% of federal poverty level help purchasing health insurance.

For a married couple 250% of the federal poverty level is $36,425. Picture a married couple in their late 50's making around $37,000. Senator Enzi does not want them to receive any help buying health insurance. A decent health insurance plan for this couple would cost around $10,000 or more in premiums alone. (that does not take into account the cost of co-pays and deductibles.) That is an unaffordable 27% of their gross income or roughly 31% of their after tax income.

Millions of working class Americans simply can't afford to spend a third of their income on health care. Senator Enzi is actively working to make sure that health care “reform” still keeps decent health insurance financially out of reach for millions of working families. Keep in mind that this is the position one of the few "willing" Republicans who is even considering support any health care bill.

Dear Senator Baucus, how can you possibly think working to find a “compromise” with this man could possible produce meaningful affordable health insurance reform?

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