Conservative Union's “Principled” Stand is No Scandal

The American Conservative Union is one of the largest and most powerful conservative groups in Washington. Yesterday the Politico reported that they demanded $2-3 million from FedEx in exchange for taking their side in a legislative dispute against UPS. FedEx rejected their demands and a few days later, David Keene, the chairman of the ACU, signed a letter in support of UPS.

Some people are trying to depict this pay-or-play incident as a scandal. In fact, it is the exact opposite. This is proof that the ACU is truly dedicated to taking their principles to the ultimate conclusion.

On their statement of principles page they claim they believe: “That the market economy, allocating resources by the free play of supply and demand, is the single economic system.” As you can see, offering their political support in exchange for money is what they have always stood for.

Things like honor, credibility, integrity, truth, beliefs, and principle are just more resources that should be allocated based on the free market. They are just more resources that should be bought by the highest bidder. The American Conservative Union should not be attacked but celebrated for sticking strong to its conservative world view.

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Anonymous said...

Gorgeous essay: logical and irrefutable! (And I'll say the same about the conservative union's spin on the scandal if they'll simply write a check for two million to my bahamian bank account).


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