Jack Tapper's Lazy “Reporting” Ignores Facts

In a blog post today, ABC “reporter” Jack Tapper continues to push his own lazy and incorrect attack on health care reform. He would know that his argument is nonsensical if he had taken the time to learn about the actual health care reform bills before Congress. He states:

Importantly, the government might create circumstances – say, a public health care option that is less expensive since profit is not a concern and overhead is lower – where you might find your business forcing you into that public plan.
That is impossible under either the House bill or the Senate HELP Committee bill (and almost certainly will be impossible under the Senate Finance bill). In both bills, the public plan will only be available on the Health Exchange. No business will not be allowed to directly purchase the public option to put their employees on. Very small businesses will have the option of providing their employees credits to choose their own plan on the Exchange. The employees would be able to choose any plan on the Exchange whether it be a public or private plan. The legislation before Congress is clearly written to prevent anyone from being forced on to the new public plan.

Given his lack of dedication to the facts, I recommend that ABC News change his title from “reporter” to “conspiracy theory promoter.”

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