Bipartisanship Is Dead - Updated

Every indication is that bi-partisan reform is dead. Baucus' Gang of Six is blowing up in his face.

Last week Grassley accused Democrats of having a secret plan to kill grandmothers. Now Grassley has set a new impossible standard for bipartisanship. He will vote against a bill he personally thinks is great unless it wins a dozen other Republicans' votes.

Previously Enzi demanded that Obama and Pelosi abandon our entire system of government. He refuses to support any deal unless he is promised that his deal will remain unchanged. He wants the entire House of Representatives to have no say in health care reform.

Now Enzi doesn't even want to see real reform at all. He wants to break reform into smaller pieces that get passed one at a time.
We do need to get it right. We need take the time to do it. I think the only way it will happen is we need to break it down into smaller parts than we have now and put it through one at a time.

PS. The RNC is not going after the co-ops proposal, could anyone have seen that coming.

Update- It appears Senator Kyl just declared that Grassley will not be able to found Republicans votes for any bill he comes up with.

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