Demand The Draft

Politico is reporting that Senator Snowe asked Senator Baucus to provide every member of the “coalition of the willing” a draft of what they have so far in their health care reform bill. Senator Baucus should by now have provided Senator Conrad, Bingham, Enzi, and Grassley with this document.

The American people have the right to see this draft. Too many millions of lives will be affected by this legislation. It is unconscionable that the draft has been kept secret. We have the right to spend the August recess scrutinizing their proposal just like the senators are. Secret negotiations are the antithesis of a free and open democracy.

Some of their ideas are so dangerous ill advised that they deserve real public scrutiny.

I think every member of the media and the public should demand the the release of the draft. The goal of the media should be to inform the public not help a group of senators keep secrets.

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