Why You Should Donate $1,200 For A Robust Public Option

I'm glad to see that Jane Hamsher at Firedoglake.com has had so much success raising money for a public option. ($360,000 so far)

I want to address the issue of a robust public option not from a political or policy perspective, but from a personal finance perspective.

We know for a fact that the robust public option in the House bill would be 10% cheaper than typical private health insurance. The average health insurance premiums for a family of four is $13,000 a year. If you are struggling to pay for health insurance the public option would be a choice for you that would save you around $1,300 a year.

If your donation of $1,200 secured the creating of a public option you would still end up saving money. Over the next ten years (accounting for health insurance inflation) signing up for a robust public option could saving a family of four around $25,000.

Donating $1,200 to save $25,000 is not good politics-- it is a smart investment in your future.

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