Baucus' Bill Is Like A Car With A Broken Axle

Baucus' health care proposal is like a used car with a broken axle and bad alternator. It has most of the pieces a health care system would need but is lacking critical components, making it basically useless. Without sufficient subsidies, a good minimum standard for benefits, and a public option to hold down costs, Baucus' health care plan will end up a disaster.

Baucus' watered down health care bill is like buying your teenager a used car with a broken axle. Technically, a non-working car is a big step up from having no car. It has 85% of what they should want in a car, but your teenager is not going to be excited that you bought him a car. They are going to be pissed that you gave them something useless, which they need to put thousands of dollars into just to get it to work.

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