Clinton Talks Positively About Snowe's Trigger

Today on Meet the Press, former President Bill Clinton talked positively about Sen. Snowe's trigger proposal. Bill Clinton seems to be mirroring Senator Majority Leader Harry Reid who also had some very positive words for Snowe's worthless trigger idea. We should be expecting the full court press from both the White House and their allies on the issue of the trigger. It seems the only goal in health care is to do whatever Snowe wants and pretend like it is a great idea.

Former President Clinton's comments make it clear that the Democratic Party has a new leader and that leader is Republican Senator Olympia Snowe.

Bill Clinton-
Now, the one Republican who's come up with a good idea is Senator Snowe. She deserves a lot of credit for saying when we did this Medicare prescription drug bill, instead of giving the government the power to negotiate for lower prices we gave the drug companies a chance to offer them, but we held the power in reserve. And if there was any state in America where there was no competition, you could do it. So let's do that for health care. That's a good idea. That's, that's the kind of debate the country needs, and I hope that the Republicans will come forward with it. These...

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