Harry Reid Falls In Love With A Horse Named Trigger

According to the Las Vegas Sun, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said that he thought Snowe's trigger proposal was, a “pretty doggone good idea.”

I think the whole idea of a trigger is inherently flawed. Former Labor Secretary Robert Reich did a good job explaining that Washington is full of lobbyist whos job it is to make sure things like triggers never get pulled. Snowe's trigger specifically is worthless trigger that is designed never to be pulled. Even if pulled the single state based public options it would create are likely to lack the size or power to have an effect.

Reid do have some rather unkind words for the idea of co-ops which he thinks is worse than Snowe's trigger proposal. Reid said about co-ops,
It would be better than nothing but it’s nothing I’m going to jump for joy with.
I think that all signs point to the fact that the idea of co-ops are starting to lose favor (A very critical report from the CBO might have something to do with that). Even the father of the co-ops idea, Sen. Kent Conrad, is now admitting that they are as currently written too restricted and would not have the full ability to compete with private insurance.

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