Mike Ross' District Supports A Public Option, He Does Not

Recently Mike Ross sent a letter to his constituents saying, “I remain opposed to a government-run public option,” and called the idea “controversial.”

Dailykos just published a new poll by Research 2000 showing that a plurality of Ross' district support the public option. 47% of those polled favor creating a “government-administered health insurance option that anyone can purchase to compete with private insurance plans,” while only 44% opposed. Support for the public option was overwhelming among Democrats in the district (74% favor vs 19% oppose) and supported by a plurality of independents (47% favor vs 43% oppose).

Interestingly, the public option was much more popular than Obama's health care plan as a whole. When asked, “generally speaking, do you favor or oppose Barack Obama's health care plan?” 40% of all those polled said they favor the plan while 48% are opposed to it.

If Ross continues to oppose the public option it could hurt him with his base. 32% of Democrats said they would be less likely to vote for Ross if he opposed a public option, while only 12% of Democrats would be more likely to support him for opposing a public option.

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