Carper Trigger: Idea Goes From Bad To Worse

Yesterday, I wrote about the terrible idea Sen. Carper has been trying to sell as an “alternative” to the public option. Thanks to a report from Politico it appears that the idea is even worse than I first thought.
Carper’s proposal would leave decisions and solutions up to the states. While Snowe’s amendment sets only an affordability test for the trigger, Carper would allow states to opt-in if affordable insurance is not widely available or the insurance market is dominated by only one or two players.
It sounds like Carper's plan is a trigger, but a trigger that once pulled requires each state legislator to than act. If the state legislator act it must than choose from three basically worthless options, a state based public option, co-ops, or some kind of managed government partnership with private insurance companies.

If this is the case than Carper has the dubious distinction of coming up with the worst “alternative” to the public option so far. A trigger for co-ops. This idea is so bad, it makes Conrad's worthless state based co-ops look robust.

FYI Politico: I understand Carper or one of his aide probably fed you this line of BS.
the Delaware Democrat never staked out a public position on the government insurance option, solidifying his status as the model of an undecided moderate in need of persuading
But it is not true. Back on July 6th Carper said told MSNBC that he was against a national public option that is available on day one. He said he is with Sen. Snowe and thinks there should be a trigger like the trigger in Medicare Part D. Carper has repeatedly said he supports the trigger idea.

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