Finance Committee Vote On Tuesday

The vote on the Senate Finance Committee health care bill is scheduled for Tuesday. The committee has 13 Democarts and 10 Republicans. The big vote to watch for is Republican senator Olympia Snowe. She is seen by many as the only possible Republicans vote for any health care reform legislation. If Snowe does vote for the bill in committee it could be used as an excuse for including her worthless trigger idea in the bill which is brought to the full senate floor.

“The public option with a trigger would be a compelling thing to put in the merged bill if the Finance bill has the endorsement of Snowe,” said the aide. “When progressives howl, you can point to Snowe’s support.”

The other votes to watch are that of Democratic senators Ron Wyden and Jay Rockefeller. Both Wyden and Rockefeller have been treated poorly by Baucus throughout the process of writing the committee's bill. One or both (as long as Snowe is a yes) could cast a protest vote against the bill. Regardless, the bill is expected to pass out of committee.

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