The Super New New Public Option “Compromise”

First there was the “level paying field” public option. Than there was Snowe's trigger. Snowe's trigger was followed by Conrad's co-ops. Only in the last few days we've seen the emergence of Carper's weird monstrous hybrid trigger/co-ops/small state-based public option idea.

Now we learn from the Politico that SEIU Chief Andy Stern is working with senators Schumer and Wyden on a new “compromise.” It sounds like the idea is a national public option with an "opt out" provision for individual states.
"I'm in the fourth way option," Stern said. "If Alabama doesn’t want a public option, they should consider that question. I don’t think the citizens of Alabama will want out. ... I think we need a public option. I don’t think it needs to be triggered. The question is if there are certain state legislators who think it’s not appropriate for their state, they should have a right in some fashion to deal with it.”
The fact that White House surrogates keep trying to sell these new “compromises” demonstrates that progressives have successfully entrenched the demand for a public option. Before the fight is finally over, there will be a dozen “compromises” like this from those who are trying to water down the public option and bring it into compliance with White House stakeholder deals. Stay tuned. . .

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