Bipartisanship Lives! Eshoo Amendment Embraced by GOP in “Alternative” Health Bill

The Republican's have just released their “alternative” bill to the Democrats' health care reform legislation. It is frankly a meaningless, very long press release, filled with some really bad ideas. The Republicans did find basically only one section of the Democrats' reform bill they really liked. In fact, the Republicans thought it was such a great idea that they added it, completely unchanged, to to their alternative bill.

What was the section? It was the Eshoo amendment on the pathway for biosimilars! They took this one division of the Democratic bill, and added it word for word to their own (Republican bill starting page 185 and Eshoo Amendment). I guess the only thing truly bipartisan in Washington these days is shilling for powerful industry lobbyists. It seems the one things Democrats and Republicans can agree on in health care is that lifesaving medication should be given a nearly endless monopoly period, so they are priced out of reach for many Americans in need.

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