Stupak's Anti-Abortion Amendment Expected To Pass

Multiple sources are reporting that Stupak's anti-abortion amendment, that would basically prevent all insurance plans sold in the individual and small group market from covering elective abortion, is expected to pass. It would be the most far reaching restriction place on abortion at the national level in years. Moments ago on MSNBC, Bart Stupak (D-Mich) affirmatively said that his amendment will pass.

It is assumed that if Stupak's amendment is included in the bill several conservative Democrats will vote to pass the overall health care reform measure. Indications are that there not enough pro-choice Democrats willing to vote against the bill if it includes the Stupak amendment to bring down the bill.

The pro-choice Democrats failed to draw a line in the sand over the issue and that led to Stupak's complete victory. Stupak's amendment is the only Democratic amendment that will be allowed to be offered on the floor. If it is included in the final bill that passes the House it would be a huge victory for the opponents of a woman's right to choose.

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