Illinois Democrats Dodge Bullet With Scott Cohen Exit From Lt. Governor Race

The Illinois's Democratic party is probably breathing a sigh of relief with the decision of Scott Lee Cohen to drop out of the race of Lt. Governor. Cohen had managed to win the Democratic primary last week in a crowded field with just over one quarter of the vote, only to have that story instantly replaced by one of scandal:
Democratic lieutenant governor candidate Scott Lee Cohen, a Chicago pawnbroker whose surprise primary win last week was followed by scandalous revelations about his troubled past with a prostitute ex-girlfriend, said Sunday night he would quit as nominee.

The prospect of running on the same ticket as a candidate now best know for allegedly threatening his prostitute ex-girlfriend with a knife was turning into a real liability for Democrats in Illinois. Cohen's decision to exit the race is very good news for Gov. Pat Quinn and Senate candidate Alexi Giannoulias. Giannoulias is in a very tough race against top-tier Republican recruit Mark Kirk in what is shaping up to be a bad year for Democrats nationally. Th last thing Giannoulias needed was a candidate like Cohen down ticket hurting him in his bid.

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