LA-Sen: Stormy Daniels Becomes A Republican; Watch Out David Vitter

Former adult entertainment performer Stormy Daniels has been mulling over a possible run for senator in the state of Louisiana, but up until now has not said under which party banner she would pursue the seat. Yesterday, that changed with her officially announcing she would become a Republican with probably be one of the most entertaining press releases of this cycle:
After months of careful deliberation and consult as to the true nature of my political affiliation I am ready today to declare that should I seek the office of US Senator from the great state of Louisiana that I will do so as a Republican.

While this decision has not been an easy one, recent events regarding Republican National Committee fundraising at Voyeur, an LA based lesbian bondage themed nightclub finally tipped the scales.

As I have said for well over a year, it is time that our government and our tax policy begin rewarding entrepreneurship and creativity again. It is time again to inspire positive risks and out-of-the-box thinking in the interest of growing a strong economy and a strong America.

For me, this spirit can be summed up in the RNC's investment of donor funds at Voyeur.

As someone who has worked extensively in both the club and film side of the Adult Entertainment Industry, I know from experience that a mere $1900 outlay at a club with the reputation of Voyeur is a clear indication of a frugal investment with a keen eye toward maximum return.

And I firmly believe that it is precisely this type of creative and calculated investing that we, as taxpaying Americans, should expect not only from our political parties but from our government. The American taxpayer deserves consistent conservatives who reject wasteful spending and unwarranted government intervention in the private sector.

As is the case with so many of my fellow Louisianans, I have been a registered Democrat throughout my life. But now I cannot help but recognize that over time my libertarian values regarding both money and sex and the legal use of one for the other is now best espoused by the Republican Party.

I'm not quiet sure if Daniels' potential run is a new form of guerrilla politics, brilliant self promotion, an important statement about conservative hypocrisy, or an amazing piece performance art. Any way you categorize it, it is entertaining.

If Daniels does actually try to become the Republican party's nominee, she will first need to defeat current Republican senator David Vitter. I would declare her chances of beating Vitter a real long shot, but the primary might hurt Vitter heading into the general election. Running against a former adult entertainment star has a way of reminding people that Vitter likes to spend his salary on prostitutes.

In fact, Daniels potential run just made me think of an interesting question. Some Republicans and conservatives Democrats claim that if a woman gets even a $100 tax credit to help her afford the $10,000 she is paying for health insurance, she can no longer buy a comprehensive insurance policy that covers reproductive rights, because that would in some weird way be “government funding of abortion.” Doesn't the same logic dictate that Vitter, who draws a government salary, is personally responsible for the “government funding of prostitution?”

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