NV Sen: Harry Reid Trails Sue Lowden by Ten Points

Senate Majority leader Harry Reid is heading toward a very tough election in November. He currently trails his likely Republican opponent Sue Lowden by 10 points, according to a new Mason-Dixon poll sponsered by the Las Vegas Review-Journal. Lowden leads with 47%, Reid gets only 37% of likely voters, and all other candidates in the low single digits.

Reid is struggling both with independents and his own Democratic base. Only 70% of Democrats support Reid at this point. If he can convince his own party to come home, his poll numbers should increase slightly. What is a serious problem for Reid is his very poor performance among independents. Lowden is beating Reid with this category of voters 49% to 27%.

Reid has near-universal name recognition in Nevada, and his favorability numbers are dismal. 33% of people have a favorable view of him, while 54% view him unfavorably. These poor general election poll numbers combined with his poor favorability numbers should put Reid near the top of any list of the most endangered incumbents.

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