Ohio Senate: Fisher, Brunner Both Have Chance for Dem Pick-Up

A new poll released by Quinnipiac shows that the Ohio senate race is shaping up to be very competitive. Both potential Democratic nominees--Lt. Gov. Lee Fisher and Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner--poll ahead of Republican Rob Portman.
In the Senate race, Lt. Gov. Lee Fisher leads Republican Rob Portman 41 - 37 percent, reversing a 40 - 37 percent Portman lead February 24. Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner edges Portman 38 - 37 percent, reversing a 40 - 35 percent Republican lead.

Fisher and Brunner are currently locked in a primary battle to see who will get to go up against Portman. Quinnipiac shows Fisher with the edge, 33%-28%, going into the May 4th primary. After the primary, when the Democratic nominee is able to focus on just the general election, it will be interesting to see if their lead over Portman grows as a result.

The Ohio Senate race is likely to be one of the most competitive races this year, and probably the best chance for Democrats (along with New Hampshire and Missouri) to pick up a seat currently held by a Republican.

Ohio has the potential to be one of the bright stops for Democrats in what still looks to be a down year, but the state has been hit hard by the economic downturn. Here, like most of the country, I think the hopes of Democrats depends heavily on how quickly the economy turns around and how fast unemployment goes down.

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