NC Sen: Dem Marshall Real Threat to GOP Incumbent Burr

I have long said that Richard Burr (R-NC) is the most, and probably only, endangered incumbent Republican Senator this election cycle. His approval numbers have been poor for a while. With voters taking a general "throw the bums out" attitude, his seat would be one of the Democrats' best pick- up opportunities. Fresh off her overwhelming victory in last Tuesday's Democratic primary runoff, Secretary of State Elaine Marshall is now right on Burr's heels. According to Rasmussen, they are in a statistical tie:

Rasmussen (6/23)
Burr 44
Marshall 43
Some Other Candidate 7
Not sure 6

This poll was taken right after Marshall won the runoff, so she might be experiencing a temporary post- victory boost that will fade in a few weeks. Still, the race should be close this November, with Marshall having a real chance of winning. She is a good candidate who has already won statewide elections. With Democrats expecting Senate losses in states like North Dakota, they'll focus on North Carolina

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