The Clinton Campaign is a Spoiled Child

Recently a lot of praise has been used to describe Hillary Clinton and her campaign. She has been called tough, strong, a fighter, a brawler, tenacious, determined, and gritty. Since May 6th she has continued to fight on, even though it is nearly impossible for her to win. And while she done some commendable things during this race, I have another way to describe her campaign's behavior: It is acting like a spoiled child.

Most pundits would be shocked and embarrassed if their children were acting like members of the Clinton campaign. What must not be forgotten is that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are supposed to be on the same team. They both should have the same goal: electing a Democrat in November (a goal Hillary Clinton seems to have forgotten).

Picture, if you will, the primary contest as a game of soccer and the Clinton Campaign as your child. They start the game with the attitude that they are entitled to win. When they starting losing they try to unfairly get the rules changed (wants Michigan and Florida to now count). With the game almost over, your child again and again attempts to claim victory even though they are down 4-7. They claim they should win because they had longer ball possession, blocked more penalty kicks, or scored more goals in the second half. They complain endlessly how the referees (the press) are being unfair. They lie repeatedly and use dirty ticks. With the game over, they ask their coach (the superdelegates) to overturn the score and declare them the winner anyway. And finally, they refuse to get off the field and shake hands with their opponents.

Hillary Clinton is not fighting for her life. She is not engaged in a suicidal last defense of the Maginot line to keep out the Nazis. She is in a contest against a member of her own party, a person who shares her ideology and goals for this country. There is nothing commendable about waging a scoured earth campaign against your own teammate. What we have been watching is not a tenacious fighter, but a spoiled child throwing a temper tantrum after losing fair and square.

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Scott said...

I like the soccer-game analogy.

Incidentally, Clinton's advisers on the DNC voted to strip Michigan and Florida of their delegates to the National Convention, but now that Clinton has 'won' both, she says they both should count.

And don't get me started about her RFK-assassination comment.


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