A Bit of Comedy - Possible VP Picks (McCain edition)

John McCain and 81 year-old Senator John Warner
More Experience Than God

John McCain and 36 year-old Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal
You want youth, here's your F-ing youth
(He should help to secure the very coveted Southern Roman Catholic Indian-American vote, since all 12 of them are part of Jindal's extended family).

John McCain and Former Governor Mitt Romney
Our Mutual Hatred Fuels Our Powers
(They would create a huge economic surge for the lagging food taster sector)

John McCain and Vice President Dick Cheney
Stay the Course
or The Experience America does not Deserve

1 comment:

Scott said...

Ha ha! Actually, Ted Stevens is even older than Warner - he'll be 85 in November! And he's a lot crankier too.

Just like McCain.


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