How Can You Not Know?

John McCain revealed the other day that he did not know how many houses he and his wife own. I'm not going to attack John McCain for being fabulously wealthy. Getting rich is part of the American dream and shouldn't be vilified.

I'm also not going to claim that being wealthy means that you can't understand the problems of everyday Americans. Obama, Bush, Kerry, Gore, John Edwards, Mitt Romney, and Hillary Clinton were all millionaires during their presidential runs. Even the relatively poor Bill Clinton had spent the previous decade in the governor's mansion-- not what I would call a working class neighborhood.

What John McCain should be criticized for is for simply not knowing how many houses he has. How the hell can he not know? This man wants to be the head of the largest economy on earth and does not even understand his personal finances. Does he go on vacation to a nice beach house and not bother to ask Cindy if they own it? Is his memory so bad that he can't add up the 7-8 houses he owns in his head? Does he have such a disregard for learning "small details" that he never bothered to learn how many houses he owns? Is this a trait we want in a president?

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