Nancy Pelosi is a Traitor to Progressives

Nancy Pelosi has said that she will likely not be able to pass a universal health bill this year. Her refusal to use this rare moment to move on one of the fundamental promises of the Democratic party is shocking. The Democrats control both houses of Congress by large margins and the White House. Barack Obama campaigned on a promise to provide universal health care. If they were able to find trillions to bailout the banks and a trillion on a questionable stimulus package it is unacceptable to claim there is no longer enough money or political will to pass health care reform.

46 million Americans don't have health insurance, and the number will likely grow by several million in the next year. The Democratic party won this election with the promise of health care and they were delivered the votes to make it happen. If the Democrats are unwilling to move NOW on health care reform, what is the point in ever electing a Democrat?

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