Ted Kennedy Abandons Liberals on Health Care Reform

This is probably the worst sign yet for the public health insurance plan. Ted Kennedy has abandoned liberals on the issue of his career. On his senate website, Ted Kennedy no longer publicly supports providing all Americans with the choice of a public health insurance option. He continues the trend started by the Obama administration of trying to whitewash over support for a public plan.

Only a week ago, Ted Kennedy's website still promoted giving all Americans the choice of signing up for Medicare. Now, under the issue of “health care” there is no longer any reference to offering people the choice of a public health insurance plan.

I highly respect Ted Kennedy and his long career of fighting for what he believes in. But now is the time for health care reform. Important health care reform legislation is being written as we speak. To see Kennedy quietly abandon a core principle of the progressive agenda is very disappointing.

See what Ted Kennedy's website said about health care reform last week and now.

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