Baucus, Menendez, and Carper Vote to Defend PhRMA Deal

Sen. Bill Nelson proposed an amendment which would fill the Medicare part D dough nut hole. He would pay for the change by making the pharmaceutical industry pay a rebate for the overcharging of dual eligible Medicare/Medicaid seniors. The amendment would fully cover the cost of filling the dough nut hole and provide an additional $50 billion in government savings. The amendment would violate the secret deal reach between PhRMA, The White House, and Chairman Baucus.

Democratic senators Baucus, Menendez, and Carper vote against the amendment. All Republican senators also voted against the amendment.

Democratic senators Nelson, Rockefeller, Conrad, Lincoln, Bingaman, Schumer, Wyden, Kerry, Stabenow, and Cantwell voted in support of the amendment. The amendment failed 10 to 13.

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