Kent Conrad: France’s Health Care “Not Government-Run”

Ezra Klein made an excellent catch the other day. Sen. Kent Conrad's said during the Senate Finance Committee hearing:
They're not government-run systems in Germany, in Japan, in Switzerland, in France, in Belgium -- all of them contain costs, have universal coverage, have very high quality care and yet are not government-run systems.
The problem is that France does have a government-run health care system with some supplement private insurance coverage. In fact the French system is very similar to the Medicare-for-All plan advocated by many in the progressive community.

Either Conrad is lying or his truly ignorant how arguably the best health care system in the world is managed. I do not know which of these two possibilities is more frightening. If one of the three Democratic senators who were tasked with writing the Senate Finance Committee health care reform bill is completely ignorant of how other countries run better health care systems, that could go a long way towards explaining how they produced such a terrible bill. On the other hand, I can't believe that anyone so involved in health care reform could be so dramatically uninformed.

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