Mike Ross Being Super Unhelpful, Again

The Hill is reporting that Mike Ross is “suggesting” opening Medicare to all:
Ross (D-Ark.), who had emerged as a leader among centrist Blue Dog Democrats opposing the public health insurance option, has suggested something his colleagues consider even more drastic – opening Medicare to those under 65 without insurance.
Sounds like a dramatic about face for a man who fought diligently to make the public option less like Medicare. Ross bragged about killing the possibility of single payer, Medicare for all. He once pushed hard for the trigger. He worked secretly with Sen. Kent Conrad to try to replace the public option with worthless co-ops. Opening Medicare for all would be a dramatic flip-flop for Ross, but it is not. You see, the problem is Mike Ross does not even support his own suggestion.
"Let me be clear," Ross said in his statement, "I do not endorse this idea, as it was just one of many ideas we, as legislators, have brought up and discussed in the numerous, ongoing negotiations and discussions we have had on healthcare reform over the past several months."
Way to be super unhelpful Mike. The final bill should be on the House floor within a week or two, now is not the time to brainstorm ideas that you're not even sure you can support. Suggesting alternatives that can't even secure your own vote is a waste of everyone's time.

The Hill may have given some coverage to your transparent attempt to sound progressive, but the grassroots community won't fall for your posturing. If you want to be in the good graces of the Democratic bases, do what they overwhelmingly want. Don't stand with the insurance companies, vote for the real health care reform with a public option, like 74% of Democrats in your district want.

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