CT Sen: Simmons Cedes to Big-Bucks McMahon

Former Rep. Rob Simmons will no longer actively campaign for the Republican Senate nomination in Connecticut. By ending his campaign, Simmons all but assures that Linda McMahon will win the Republican primary (she already won the party’s official nod at its convention last week). McMahon is the former CEO of the World Wrestling Federation and has been able to finance much of her campaign from her personal wealth.

McMahon will likely face Attorney General Richard Blumenthal in the general election. A recent internal poll from the Blumenthal campaign has him leading McMahon by 15 points.

It looks like the anti-establishment, anti-Washington wave is continuing. Simmons was a prominent elected official in Connecticut for several years. He won several tough elections in the 2nd District and lost his seat in 2006 by an incredibly tiny margin. McMahon has depicted Simmons as a Washington insider and establishment figure, while framing herself as a political outsider.

McMahon's biggest asset in the race has been and will be her ability to spend big money in a very expensive media market.

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