Idaho Primary Today: Ward and Labrador Top Five-Way GOP Rep Race

In today’s primary in Idaho, the big race is for Republicans in the 1st Congressional District to see who will take on conservative Democrat Walt Minnick. Minnick's seat is one of the top pick-up targets this year for the Republican Party.

The GOP primary is a five-way race among Harley Brown, Michael Chadwick, Raul Labrador, Allan Salzberg and Vaughn Ward. Labrador and Ward are the top two candidates. A recent Mason-Dixon poll had Ward leading with 31 percent of the vote compared with 28 percent for Labrador. That is within the poll's margin of error, and with 37 percent of likely voters undecided, either candidate could win.

Ward is the clear establishment favorite. The National Republican Campaign Committee recruited him into its young guns program for top recruits meant to win in swing districts. Yet a series of stumbles by Ward has hurt his campaign. For example, Ward apparently doesn't know and doesn't care that Puerto Rico is not an independent country but a territory of United States. Polls close in Idaho at 8 p.m. local time.

If it feels like every Tuesday brings another primary election, that is because we are deep in the season. Next Tuesday, June 1, features Alabama, Mississippi and New Mexico. June 8 will be a big night for results with contests in California, Iowa, Maine, Montana, Nevada, New Jersey, North Dakota, South Carolina, South Dakota and Virginia, and the runoff Senate primary in Arkansas. Utah holds its primary June 22, which will also see runoff primaries in Mississippi, North Carolina and South Carolina.

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