OH Sen: Fisher-Portman Race Still Extremely Close

The race for the open Ohio Senate seat is still extremely close according to a new Quinnipiac poll. Democratic Lt. Gov. Lee Fisher holds only a two-point lead over Republican Rob Portman:

Quinnipiac 6/22-27
Fisher 42
Portman 40
Someone else 1
Won't Vote 1
Don't Know 17

The race is effectively tied, with Fisher's lead within the poll’s three-point margin of error. For over half a year, Fisher and Portman have be been polling only a few points apart in this traditional battleground state, and it would not be a surprise to see this race remain close all the way through to the November general election.

While both candidates have net favorable ratings, a majority of voters don't feel they know enough about the candidates to form a judgment at this point:

Lee Fisher (D)
Favorable 28
Unfavorable 17
Haven't heard enough 54
Refused 1

Rob Portman (R)
Favorable 26
Unfavorable 7
Haven't heard enough 66
Refused 1

Democrats hope to tie the relatively unknown Portman to unpopular former President George W. Bush by emphasizing his role as Bush’s Director of the Office of Management and Budget.

One other interesting highlight from the poll: the new health care law remains unpopular in Ohio. Only 36 percent of Ohio voters approve of the "federal health care overhaul," while 55 percent oppose (though I will note "federal health overhaul" seems like a fairly negative phrasing. I suspect "new health care law" or "health insurance reform law" might poll somewhat better).

updated - a new PPP poll finds the race similarly close with also a very small lead for Fisher.

PPP (6/26-27)
Fisher 40
Portman 38
undecided 22

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