Why is John McCain Misleading America?

I personally have great respect for John McCain; that is why I'm incredibly disturbed by his most recent statements. It has been reported that John McCain has repeatedly claimed Iran is training and supporting Al Qaeda's fight in Iraq. This was not a one-time slip of the tongue, but a statement he has made several times.

While it is true that Iran has been helping several Shiite groups and militias, it is patently absurd to think they would be supporting the Sunni group, Al Qaeda. Anyone who has studied the Iraq war or Al Qaeda should be aware of this fact. Shiites are a sworn enemy of Al Qaeda. Al Qaeda has killed thousands of Shiite Muslims in Iraq. The idea Iran is supporting Al Qaeda in Iraq is as absurd as, say, the Apartheid South African government supporting the American Black Panther movement.

Why would John McCain repeat this incredible falsehood? There are only three possibilities, and none of them are good:
1) John McCain in fact does not understand even the rudimentary facts about the Iraq war and the Middle East as a whole.
2) John McCain is an old man who can't keep his facts straight and misspeaks repeatedly.
3) John McCain is purposely lying to the American people about a connection between Iran and Al Qaeda for political gain or to drum up support for action against Iran.

None of these possibilities are reassuring about a John McCain presidency. At his most recent press conference, where John McCain again made the false claim about an Iran/Al Qaeda connection, Joe Lieberman was able to prompt him to correct himself. If he continues to "misspeaks" it should be very concerning.

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